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El Dorado Hills Custom Trailer Tow Hitch Covers (Large) . The Beefiest Tow Hitch Cover ever manufactured. Manufactured , Fabricated and Powder Coated in the U.S.A !


Color: Gloss Red Front Design Plate over Gloss Black Back Plate

Material: 3/16" Steel Plates. Included 2 plates secured using our PATENT PENDING 4 bolt fastning engineering.

Dimensions: 31.5" length x 5.25" height

Insert Tube: 5.5" /  2" Insert Tube 

Professional Powder Coat: Professionally powder coated in order to enhance the vibrance of the color scheme while protecting your new hitch cover with protection and long lasting durability

REQUEST A CUSTOM COLOR SCHEME: Want a City, State, Community hitch cover to match your vehicle,

Request a Custom Color Scheme, go to:

FREE Custom Hitch Cover Design Quote

Custom Trailer Tow Hitch Cover "El Dorado Hills" L - Mirror White / Gloss Black

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